Fun Things To Do While Social Distancing

Fun Things To Do While Social Distancing

Schools are closed. Parents are working from home. Concert and all extracurricular activities are cancelled. With the recommendation from the local and national governments to social distance ourselves from one another, we thought it would be good to share some fun things to do while social distancing.

Create with your Imagination

One of the best ways to teach kids to use their imagination and keep them occupied while you jump on a conference call or work on some reports from home is to give them some craft materials such as paint and cardboard boxes. Why not break up the monotony of watching television or playing a video game a bit? Although we cannot take the kids on adventures outdoors, we can help them take adventures. Is your kid into space? Perhaps they are into studying dinosaurs. Whatever their passion currently is, help them jump-start a craft idea. For those that love space, build a spaceship. Love to fly? Make a flying saucer or an airplane. Get creative! Add paint and whatever other craft materials you may have. Not only will this activity be good for the imagination, I believe it will bring some laughter to the day as well.

Puzzle Time

I feel like working on puzzles together used to be something we all did a lot more than we currently do. Yes, we can say we have gotten more busy and perhaps that is true, but now that we have more time on our hands since everything is either cancelled or closed, there is no reason why we cannot bring this treasured family pass-time back! I am currently working on a family puzzle myself and I can say that I believe it has been at least a decade since I had pulled a puzzle out. It makes you slow down and just enjoy time with one another. I am for that.

Spring Baking

Grab an apron, flour and your favorite cookie ingredients and bake some sweet treats together! Some of my most treasured times growing up was learning how to cook with my mamaw and mother. I think most of us have a sweet memory of standing up on a stool while tending to something on the stove with our mother or mamaw standing right beside us to ensure we were safe. Wonderful times to look back on. Today, many of us are constantly running the roads trying to get kids to practices, doing our weekly run to the grocery store, trying to meet those friends of ours for weekend brunch. Now, we are being forced to slow down. So, lets look for our inner Julia Child and step into the kitchen and bake some treats, with love, for our family and friends.

Although it is a trying time for everyone right now and we are all certainly looking forward to the day when life gets back to normal, we can choose to take this uncertain time and try to make the best of a bad situation. Gather your family together and make some memories while staying at your house and practicing social distancing. We believe these are some fun things to do while social distancing and if you choose to do one, let us know and/or send us a picture. Let’s spread as much laughter and kindness as we can. We are stronger together. We can’t wait til we meet again in Pigeon Forge.